X-Ray use in Forensic Photography

Using X-rays, Bone Scans, MRI's, CT Scans, and other medical plates can be of great usefulness to the personal injury litigator. Sometime showing internal damage is the only way to document physical harm.

The problem the litigator faces is that all medical images are in the "negative" transparency form. The display of the images is not only confusing but also quite cumbersome insomuch as you need some type of light table for proper viewing.

Enter the process of reversal printing. Stan Cusumano has utilized a photographic process whereby he can, through a double negative, create a "printed" image. This technique allows one to present the medical image without the use of a light box.

All of the images presented herein were utilized in the litigation process. The ease of utilization in discovery, whether as exhibits in demand letters, or displays in depositions and trials, make this process invaluable to the litigation attorney.

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