Don't miss the rest of the joke book. You may have heard one or two, but be assured; no one has heard them all. From the office to the backyard fence...... to the local pub....... to the internet......Stan has search everywhere to find the true side splitters.

This book was edited, re-edited, and re-edited again. If it wasn't as funny the fifth time, as it was the first, it was cut.

A good joke was funny yesterday, is still funny today, and will withstand the test of time, and be funny tomorrow. These are the best of the best: no moaners, no groaners.

Nothing worse than buying a joke book only to find that 90% of the jokes are not funny, or worse, very stupid. Every page of this book is a keeper. You will be telling these jokes at the office, at a party, or perhaps at the opening of a speech to your colleagues. The topics were specifically selected to give the reader a wide range from which to choose. From kids to old people.......from drunks to lawyers...... this book has them all.

A great source book. Now you don't have to remember the good ones, you've got them in your pocket. Most of you will forget a joke in about twenty minutes, but don't worry about you ability to recall it.

Simply take out the book...and it's yours all over again.

If you remember one thing from this book, let it be:

"Don't sweat the petty things,

and don't pet the sweaty things."